As founder of the successful Bagel & Juice chain Bram Sanders serves over 100.000 cups of coffee a year. To his distaste he discovered that coffee beans are thrown too much into a pile and treated as an anonymous commodity on the futures market. Insert Pengu Coffee. A rebellious spirit in today’s coffee market. Your daily no-nonsense in a cup.

Raw and unfiltered

The name Pengu Coffee is inspired by Antarctica. It was the seventh and last world continent that founder Bram Sanders had to explore to have been to them all. The raw and unfiltered nature grasps him from the get go. Bram: “Antarctica is otherworldly, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Stark, cold, beautiful desolation. It has this mythic weight. It resides in the collective unconscious of so many people and it makes this huge impact. It’s like going to the moon.”

Tasteful reflection

As a reminder to this incredible journey he had not only had the stamp of Antarctica tattooed to his wrist, but decided to combine two of his greatest passions: coffee and traveling. The search for an adventurous cup of coffee became the guiding philosophy. This is where Pengu Coffee made his entrance as a tasteful reflection of his world travels.

Adventurous kick-off

Pengu Coffee distinguishes itself by roasting all the carefully selected beans itself to give it the much needed personal attention to the craft and labour-intensive process. Half the fascination the Pengu  expedition possesses can therefore be found in the sharpness of the contrasts experienced during it's roasting process. This results in a surprising blend such as the "Rockhopper". Through direct contact with coffee traders and paying prices that are related to quality, Pengu Coffee offers unique coffee to its own recipe. Your adventurous kick-off of the day is just one sip away.

Learn more?

Join our passion for coffee roasting and visit our roastery or make Pengu Coffee part of your business or event. Read more about the possibilities [here].


We strive to work with green coffee bean suppliers that are Organic and FairTrade certified. A large part of the coffees we import are certified by one of the many international certification bodies. On our offer list, you will find FairTrade, Organic, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees.

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